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Extreme bicycling

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Extreme bicycling

This type of bicycling is one of the most popular, but also one of the most dangerous type of sports. Adrenaline junkies just love it, because of high amount of adrenalin that goes through their body. In order to engage in this sport, you must have high quality equipment, strong bike that can withstand the pressure of wavy terrain. And of course, good protection plays a major role because it can save your life. This is the type of sport where mistakes aren’t allowed and they are even payed with life

There are few types of extreme biking:

Downhill – or in other words, the bike is ridden through mountainous terrain.
Dirtjump – this means that rider must ride bike by jumping on obstacles made from dirt or wooden boards. For this discipline, you will need expensive and quality equipment. Have in mind that you are jumping from an obstacle that is high 10 to 15 meters’ height so your bike must withstand the pressure of the fall.
Streetride – ride through the city.
Country ride – riding through the nature, which is not that extreme as a downhill. This one is good for women and for those who like to enjoy in landscape.

Main types of downhill biking are: Cross Country, that is a ride on the mountainous circular path, on which the rider is climbing and lowering. Downhill (lowering down the mountain – this competition is on all the ski mountains and athletes reach the speeds of 85 kilometers per hour), Uphill (discipline of long climbing that lasts 35-45 min, and the height difference is 400 to 500 meters), Freestyle (discipline where people ride on the circular track with obstacles) and Trials (discipline which seeks to cross the path that has too many obstacles, and the riders aren’t allowed to put a foot on the ground).

All these disciplines are competitive, but it is possible to deal with them as an amateur – if you have the will, enough money for a very expensive, exclusively designed bikes and some of the conditions that are required for engaging in extreme sports.

The most extreme type of the bicycling is when a person has to lower his bike down the mountain that doesn’t have a track.

Bicycles for downhill come with special shock absorbers, on both wheels. These are very expensive bicycles, more expensive than the road bikes. They are very light, but on the other hand they are ready to withstand any jumps, falls, riding through cracks, irregularities, riding through leaves, mud … Safety equipment includes special helmets for head, leg, hand and knee pads. Riders ride through all weather conditions (except in winter, when there is snow).

Downhill biking, however, can be practiced on any hill, mountain or challenging terrain. Riders need to rely on themselves, they have to know everything about their bike and learn to change the parts. They need to have stamina, confidence, sense of balance of the bike.

Like all sports in adrenaline group of sports, this one also carries special feeling- here are tested achievements, strength and ability, coping with nature and riders get to sense special and unique feeling of freedom.

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E – bicycles

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

E – bicycles

Since the bike has been invented and commercialized in the early 1860s, we can say that the basic concept didn’t significantly change for the next 150 years. Of course, many technical solutions occurred, that dramatically improved the functionality of the bikes. We will mention only the most important, such as power transmission by a chain and sprockets, use of air-filled tires and wheels with steel wires, then the invention of ball bearings, the system of changing gears etc. Many of these solutions are first applied to the bicycle, and later found extensive use in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, the bicycle has remained essentially the same – the means of transportation on two wheels and foot pedals, where speed depends mostly on the strength and endurance of the driver.

Ten years ago we had another innovation in this field, so called e – bike and it took as a total still remains the question whether the e – bikes will change the world that we know so far.

Most common type of e – bike that we encounter today is Pedal Electric Cycle. This bike has an electric engine that assists the driver only when he is pedaling. The rider only turns pedals in order to turn on the engine. In Europe there is a regulation that engine mustn’t be stronger than 250W and when the bike comes to speed of 15km/h the engine must be shut down. If he fulfills these conditions, the owner doesn’t have to pay for registration it or to get license plates – it is still considered as a bike.
Another type of bike, which is often called e-bike or electric scooter, does not require from the driver to turn the pedals, but the power is manually adjusted similarly like adding a “power” on a motorcycle.

Engine power in these bikes is often up to 400 watts, which enables a maximum speed of 60 km / h or more, but (at least in the European Union) with these bikes you cannot be involved in public transport, without registration and vehicle approval.

This bike has great advantages:

E-bike is the ideal solution for elderly, handicapped or people with some health problems. Transportation with electric bike is cheap and very efficient, parking is never a problem, and the engine output is sufficient to pull the heavier drivers and cart full of groceries.
People who want to go to work by bike, but do not want to get sweaty by the time they come to work, have largely accepted an E – bike. This bike allows the user to select how much they want to use bicycle as a means of transportation and how much as a device for recreation and physical activity.

Despite the constant advancement of technology, the battery must be recharged regularly, even when the bike is not used, and it is necessary to storage bike in the room with a certain temperature. Also, the batteries do not last forever and replacing them is an additional cost. The cost for one of these bikes is around $2,500.

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Cycling – go into nature, you burn calories and have fun!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Cycling – go into nature, you burn calories and have fun!

Bicycle by definition would be a land transport driving by human. There are no more days when bike was primarily a way of transportation to get somewhere or help in transporting cargo. Today, cycling is often used in traffic, then as a form of entertainment and as a sport.Because of the relatively cheap development and the availability, it is now the most widespread way of transport. It is assumed that in the world today there are more than one billion bicycles!

Due to the fact that in comparison to other conventional means of transportation (e.g. car) is far less dangerous to the environment pollution and also has a very positive effect on the health, many cities provide different cycling infrastructure – separate cycling tracks, special places for bikes, parts of the city that can be reached only by bicycle or on foot, and so on.

Cycling as a Sport

Spring is the best season for cycling, during those days when you do not need an umbrella; take the bike out of the garage and head to the countryside. A slow ride that does not cause stress and allows normal conversation, can turn into an afternoon- hanging out, instead of coffee. Besides, mountain biking is one of the best adrenaline adventures.
There are different types of this particular sport and the need for different bikes.

Types of bicycles:

Depending on the purpose, bicycles vary significantly in design, wheel size and tire width, shape and control box, and other accessories. Sports bikes are intended for cycling competitionsand they are typically made of lighter and stronger materials, with a minimum of accessories such as fenders, lights, etc. Bicycles for recreation or for transport usually have special equipment that makes driving more comfortable and convenient.

The difference in the structure commonly used in the following models:

Citybikeoften produced in the male and female version and the difference is in the corner of the transverse tubes on the frame. These bikes often have accessories for comfort driving, such as fenders, lights, baskets, etc. They are mostly sell in the fixed gear bicycles shops
Road bikespecific bent shape control, usually very thin tires and free accessories for weight reduction. These bikes are usually the fastest, because of low weight.
Mountain bikeshave flat handlebars, usually solid skeleton of tubes larger profile than the road, in most cases there is front and / or rear shock absorber that neutralizes bumping on the rugged terrains
BMXbike of a specific version of smaller wheels and simple design. Usually made for city ride and skate parks.

The benefits of cycling are not reflecting only in recreation and entertainment but also in the speed of muscle toning, boosting your metabolism, which causes the weight loss and body shaping.

For those who may not like nature or do not have time to spend time outdoors, bicycles room are really cool. But you can also buy an exercise bike and put it in your room and enjoy in riding while talking to your family.

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Bicycles for mountain ride

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Bicycles for mountain ride

These bikes are extremely popular and every person who knows even the basics of bicycling has heard of mountain bikes. There are lot of people who change boring, casual ride for tracks through mountains and hills. They need to feel more adrenaline in their veins, so they do not ride through marked roads, but through rugged mountain ravines, steep slopes and muddy roads. For this category of people, the American designers in the 70s of the last century invented the mountain bike or how they call it shorter – MTB bike. It quickly gained supporters throughout the world, and it was MTB that brought cycling most of admirers and awakened in them an interest in this sport.

Characteristics of MTB bicycles are determined by its structure. The tires are 24 inches high and wide from 1.9 to 2.3 inches, so that in difficult field conditions they better adhere to the surface. They have from 24 to 27 speed, so it is always possible to choose the right transmission. The frame is usually made of aluminum or carbon, in a small number of cases even out of titanium or steel, it is steady and it can withstand extreme loads. In order to avoid unpleasant situations steering wheel is wide and flat.

Considering that we use this bicycle to get down from the high and steep slopes, the key feature of this bikes are brakes. This type of bike usually comes with brakes in V shape, but mechanical and hydraulic ones are gaining the lead. For the mountain terrain or for the similar field, it is necessary to have buffers. Almost all MTB bikes have buffers on front fork, and many of the products have shock absorbers on both wheels.

There are lot of types of mountain bikes.
The best known mountain bike is used for cross-country, intended for classical mountain ride with gently wavy surfaces. These bikes have lightweight and have shock absorbers on the front fork, which allows the driver dynamic riding on uneven terrain.

For maximum speed, regardless of the field, a downhill bike is the first choice. It must withstand a higher load, and therefore this bike has a massive frame that is heavier than other models. It is logical that this bike must have a very strong brakes. Riders use it for discipline called “downhill”, whose main goal is to ride as fast as possiblethrough certain route.

That route is long between 1.5 km to 5.0km. And it is most naturally that sometimes this route has artificial obstacles. In the beginning, the downhill is driven as a complementary discipline to cross- country and later through the ride downhill trail becomesharder. On these trails it is necessary to have buffers on both wheels.

That route is long between 1.5 km to 5.0km. And it is most naturally that sometimes this route has artificial obstacles. In the beginning, the downhill is driven as a complementary discipline to cross- country and later through the ride downhill trail becomesharder. On these trails it is necessary to have buffers on both wheels.

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Breaking-improve your techniques!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Breaking-improve your techniques!

Do you faster stop with front or rear brake?

Finally, it should be practiced with both brakes. Rear wheel should be kept on the verge of skidding (when wheel slips, it almost does not brake). The main brake shall be the front wheel. As the braking action increases and the front wheel takes more weight, and hence better adhesion, enabling an even stronger braking. The critical moment is just before the stop. You must find the limit that the front wheel does not slide out, but that hampers in the best possible way.

With enough practice, this becomes a habit and it is automatically … like riding a bike. Brakes should be treated as a dial-amplification reduction, not as an on-off switch. Clench them and brake slowly – not instantly. In this way, it is the shortest stopping distance and safest braking.

Do not fly over the front part of your bicycles

The front wheel is the one that allows over 90% of stopping power. Therefore it is important to master the drill switch weight and control the front brake. Many beginners are afraid to fly over the front wheel if you clench the front brake. When the braking becomes a routine and it becomes trained technique, this does not occur if the driver does not want to intentionally shift the body forward and allow the bike to be raised to the front wheel.

As long as the weight is shifted to the back and arms were bandaged, there is no risk of flying over the front wheel and crashing.

What should you pay attention to ?

If the surface is slippery, or bike at an incline, the front brake can cause skidding front wheel. While the rear wheel slippage is still manageable, slipping front wheel often causes a rapid decline.By practice, you can feel when a wheel slip is near the border, so go easy on the brakes (but do not let go completely, there is no need).

Good and safe way to check how the tires will grip the surface to be at a moderate speed, press only the rear brake. Sliding the rear wheel is not dangerous, but can be felt as easily start skidding.

When should you use (to the fullest extent, or) only rear brake?

If you are driving through mud, snow, or ice, the front brake should not be used (or very moderate). In these conditions it is impossible to brake abruptly.
After a bumpy background, if the wheel bounces off the ground, it may happen that the brakeslides out when lands. This is a situation where you need to use the rear brake, with very mild usage (or not all) of front brake.

Other situations in which you should avoid using the front brake are: A flat front tire (or low pressure), faulty front brake, curved front rim (if not brake disc), crooked front disc (if disc brakes), unknown (new) bike or unknown surface where you will drive the bike.

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4 Legitimate Reasons Why You Should Get A New Bicycle

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016

4 Legitimate Reasons Why You Should Get A New Bicycle

When it comes to bicycles I could buy a new one every month or so, because I am in love with everything that has to do with cycling, bikes and of course I consider it to be my passion. However, this is not a reason why I should spend crazy amount of money in order to satisfy this urge to buy a new bicycle. This is precisely why I only buy a new bicycle when I have at least two out of these four legitimate reasons checked. If you are in a moral dilemma whether or not you should buy a new bicycle, you can use my method. Here are four legitimate reasons why anyone should get a new bicycle.

roebijn_bf_fietsenmaker_550-5501. You Use Bicycle Regularly / Professionally

Would you say that you use your bicycle on a regular basis? Or is it that you are a professional cyclist? If that is the case you have just have filled the first legitimate reason why you should buy a brand-new bicycle. However, there are still three more reasons to go, and you must jack at least two, remember? So let’s continue.

2. Your Bicycle Is Way Too Old Or Broken

Riding a bicycle that is to old, or broken, is almost a health hazard. Of course, there are certain things that can be repaired with a bicycle, but even too many repairers definitely influence the way in which the bicycle functions.

Your goal is to ride a safe bicycle, and if your bicycle is not safe because of one or both of the mentioned reasons, you deserve to get a new bicycle, the one which will be safe both for you and for other people who participate in traffic. 

3. There’s A Sale In Bike Shop

When buying a brand-new bicycle, the financial aspect of it is extremely important. For the most part, bicycles are not entirely inexpensive. If you want to get the new bicycle, you will have to set aside a decent amount of money. In addition to that, if you are a cyclist and do this professionally, or semi-professionally, or cycling is your hobby, you will have to spend even more money in order to buy a decent bicycle.

Therefore, if you happen to come across a bike shop that is organizing a sale, you might as well go with your urge to buy brand-new bicycle. As for the sales, they are commonly organized at the end of fall and the beginning of winter, mostly because bike shops are eager to get rid of bikes that are soon to become last season bicycles. In addition to that, I must also mention that if you do not fulfil at least one more reason, I would urge you not to buy a brand-new bicycle.

You have a wrong bicycle

4. You Have A Wrong Bicycle

Perhaps it’s too large, too heavy, or you feel frustrated because you cannot reach the levers, if that is the case make sure that you set out to find a new bicycle. In addition to that, you may also want to try out mountain biking, but currently only have a city bicycle. That is also a reason why you should legitimately get a new bicycle.

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